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Achieving the perfect skin has never been so exciting…

Never before has wanting “perfect skin ” been more in demand. Selfies are on the increase, social media telling us all we need more “likes” or “faves” to feel beautiful. What is the question I’m asked the most? It’s how do I get perfect skin?  How do I get flawless luminous skin?

My answer?  There isn’t one simple straightforward  answer.

The basis characterisics of our skin have a major impact on how we age (ethnic origin) and  many factors can affect your skin:  your age, general health, the weather, your menstrual cycle, your cleansing routine, your skin products, the Pill, and yes, your diet and lifestyle. You simply can’t talk about skin regeneration if  you’re smoking and sunbathing, or worse still,  using sunbeds. There is nothing like the sun and tobacco to suck the life out of your skin.  You need to nourish your skin to keep it as healthy as possible, but have you thought about whether you’re getting the right amount of the right nutrients from the foods you eat?  Could you benefit from taking a supplement?  The beauty of the skin is that you can affect it from both the inside and out. Which is why we have teamed up with Pharma Noord (award winning vitamins and minerals) . Along with this we also look to develop an  overall skin plan, that suits the individual and takes into consideration what you want to achieve in line with your financial budget   It will help YOU look and feel the best you can.

This is an exciting time for  the beauty industry, it  has changed dramatically over the years. There are so many affordable  treatments available that were once classed a luxury for the rich and famous. You no longer have to go under the knife to see great results.

From pumkin peels, to TCA peels, Radio frequency facials, light therapy, caci, dermapen, cryotherapy, no needle mesotherapy….. impressive yes?  They are all available here at Refine to help US along the road to glowing skin…  Achieving “perfect skin ” has never been so exciting.

Karen, Refine Spa